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VOL. 5 NO.14         A WEEKLY UPDATE ON THE PHARMACEUTICAL BUSINESS         FEB 25, 1999 • Pages 36 • Rs 25

 Ayurvedic Information Retrieval CD from Plus Creations

Plus Creations, the leading pharmaceutical advertising company have introduced “Ayurvedic Information Retrieval” CD.

        In spite of several publications available in the market on ayurvedic drugs, there has been no CD available for prompt retrieval of information. 

         Readers will appreciate AIR CD as a professional attempt as it assists in answering related queries in this competitive world. The salient features of AIR CD are : Instant retrieval of detailed information; Flexible search command; Botanical name; Common name; Properties (indications); Instant reference for active ingredients of the herb; Suggested dosage for important drugs; Ready reference for ayurvedic drugs; Suggested formulations for various drugs; it is compact and portable; saves time and energy.

      The AIR CD offers comprehensive information with a number of features that have significantly added to its popularity for example - if you want to search by a botanical name : “Ocimum Sanctum”; it will provide detailed information by just clicking on ‘Ocimum Sanctum’. It includes : common names in various languages; properties; part used; active ingredient; suggested dosage; formulation; glossary; references.

     AIR - Prompt information: AIR CD is designed to make the user more independent by offering search via a Common name. In case the user forgets its common name / botanical name but has a rough idea of the first two letters. For example if you wish to look up - Ashwagandha - you just type Ash and with detailed information as mentioned in botanical name - AIR is a ready reference tool - AIR CD provides the capability to search via property (indications) of any ayurvedic drug. This remarkable attempt seems to be highly beneficial for any professional. For if you want to search for drugs which are used in diabetes it will enlist all the drugs with full important which are used in diabetes mellitus, including its botanical name, common name, part used, active ingredient, etc.

Interested readers may contact :

Plus Creations (P) Ltd.

1304, H.S.I.I.D.C. Industrial Estate, Rai, Sonepat, Haryana-131029 (INDIA)

Mob. No. : +91-9810264362
Landline No. : +91-130-2366520
E-mail :



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