Arvind Manchanda : The force behind Plus Creations

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VOL. 5 NO.14      A WEEKLY UPDATE ON THE PHARMACEUTICAL BUSINESS       Apr29,1999 •Pages 32 •Rs25

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Running an ad agency tailored to the highly regulated, restricted and highly medico-technical demands of pharma industry where an invisibly thin lines separates true raucity from dangerous hyperbole, is very different from running a conventional advertising agency where poetic licence and hyperbole are the accepted currency. A totally different cup of tea.

   Demanding actual perusing of volumes of abstruse pharmacological/medical texts, sifting the arcane material for a few nuggets of promotional gold, scouring the archives of symbology to turn concepts into dazzling visuals, honing copy until it brings sparkle from the clients eye and increasing sales of their products. Arvind Manchanda has done this and more.

   He is a man with attitude, a "nothing but" attitude, as Henry James and later Carl Jung put it, an ambitious extroverted thinker who delights in conquering problems with inventiveness and intellectual curiosity.

    Arvind Manchanda is the guiding spirit and the man at the helm of Plus Creations (P) Ltd., a creative pharma-promotion outfit providing a comprehensive one stop solution for Pharmaceutical production and marketing alike.

   Manchanda has been in this field for eight years now, after a first class academic career followed by short stints in production and brand management.

    Today, Manchanda uses the latest electronic equipment to tap medical information through the Internet and medical and pharmaceutical CD-ROMs and briliant digital technologies to achieve surrealistic effects in his creations.

      He also offers a whole farago of pharma-propotion service for the industry, including Internet information, software services and medical representatives training facilities for new marketers.

   Arvind Manchanda is currently thinking of developing a crack promotional team who could be promotional team who could be rapidly trained to launch a blitzkrieg for anyone of his numerous small and medium size client (turnovers from 5-10 crore)

    To promote ayurvedic medicine in this country, he is also offering a AIR-CD retrieval system which can deliver total and complete information if you just know the name of one ingredient of its property.

Interested readers may contact :

Plus Creations (P) Ltd.

1304, H.S.I.I.D.C. Industrial Estate, Rai, Sonepat, Haryana-131029 (INDIA)

Mob. No. : +91-9810264362
Landline No. : 
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