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VOL. x NO. xx                       A WEEKLY UPDATE ON THE PHARMACEUTICAL BUSINESS                          Nov 29, 1999 • Pages 32 • Rs 25

Plus Creations : Advancement Through Add Techno . . .

    "Designing is a unique, creative challenge - a piece that gets response by presenting the company's product, mission & beliefs so well that the recipient takes action - & orders come pouring in."

    The Pharmaceutical Companies or other Companies are all well aware of this fact of Advertising. They all want their products to hit the market - so that sale increases . . . But in this world of competition & with continuous entry of new brands, the choice for the consumers has exploded & unless the Company's do not pick along with their promotional plans and marketing all the information - visual appearance & impactful multimedia presentation their are no chance of their survival for too long.

      Looking at all these facts & problems, that a company faces at the time of designing, conceptualising & printing, Arvind Manchanda a highly qualified personality came up with the idea of serving his men and freeing them from all unnecessary tensions. He assembled under one roof, all the assistance one requires during promotion, developments, troubleshooting, Creations, Conceptualising, Training, Documentations, Printing, Promotion, Gifts & Novelties, CD's & Softwares on AIR in any field of Allopathy, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy. All he does under one roof. Plus Creations has designed in such a way that eminent person or talented professionals here are ready to assist the comer, be it an upstart company or big manufacturers & make them feel homely.

         Later understanding their ideas and requirements, the comers are shown the world of conceptualisation where their products are edited & compiled by highly qualified M.Pharm. (Medalist) & B.Pharm.

     After approval of the text, the Designing and creativity group comprising of Graphic designers enters to enchant the Product. Visualisers enchase (set with gems or inlay with gold) and finally a shape emerges from the mist.

    Comers become partners in the business, Raw product are golem (come to life). Only after the approval of the designing the product enters into the imagesetter for the final output by the technically qualified Processors. Pasting is done, plates are developed, and then the order goes to the offset to get set in 4 colours in the Printing department.

     After final printing, the shape and shine chores undergoes. As per the requirements lamination, leaf printing, embossing & die cutting is done by laminator, embosser, printer or die cutter.

    Sorting is done to improve the Quality Control in Quality Control Department. Wastes are destroyed & rest are shrink packed for timely delivery.

  All this and more Arvind in his company Plus Creations undertakes to assist his client under one roof).

   Arvind Manchanda, a M.Pharm., a medalist, marketing professional & the director of Plus Creations gives complete credit to his entire team. He believes that in plus creations the assets are his people, who has worked with him through thick & thin & in every stage & at every department.

     The 35 years old Creative honcho (leader or a admirable man or manager) has enforced its core strength in Plus Creations & has proved by constantly moving the Company graph upward all the way. He started serving his clients in a small way & now after 8 years of hard work, he has converted Plus Creations into a company known by Name, Quality, Creativity, Punctuality & Promptness. And why not? When even his clients have rated him "Good to Excellent on various parameters such as Responsiveness, Intelligence, Vigilance, Creativity, Quality & Punctuality & so on. He has formulated & executed promotions that have almost always brought about the desired results.

    The company's global battle cry of Quality Creations & timely service to creative world has not been easy. But not letting these hurdles effect, Arvind has constantly upgraded & uplifted the standard of all the departments. And now he is proud that his system is completely updated, computerised & synchronised. Latest Pentium, Scanners with TP adaptors, Laser Printers, Inkjet printers (4 colour), Imagesetter, CD-Writer, MO-Drives, Modems, LAN, Internet & Softwares are in use. He uses the latest electronic equipments to tap medical information through internet. Medical & Pharmaceutical CD's & brilliant digital technologies are also used to achieve supra-real, surrealistic effects in his creation.

   So, Plus Creations right from A to Z works for his pharmaceutical dears, their growth & promotional plans be it be in 4 P's form. It is technically authentic & artistically immaculate.

1. Promotional Aids
2. Packaging
3. Pharma Reminders
4. Pharma Softwares & CD's

Packaging : The name is an invitation to explore & discover the intrinsic value in cartons, small, medium or big size sample cartons, labels & stickers for the bottle. They are designed in different language documents for exports & imports.

Promotional aids : You will fall in love with marketing. His creation is always a step forward to one did before. New styles, layouts and design are most welcomed in the form of literatures, Visual aids detailing, Catch Covers, Post cards, Stickers, Dangles, Posters, Spiral, etc.

Pharma Reminders : The Past, the present so easy to meet them both in the form of gifts & novelties, wall calenders, table calenders, spiral diaries, diaries, tissue boxes, laminates, table mats, & so on.

Pharma Softwares : For the 1st time in India the Ayurvedic Information Retrieval / AIR CD has been successfully launched by Plus Creations. It's second has version has also been launched & much more appreciated then the earlier one as it has provided prompt information on properties, dosage form, formulation, indications this search command in Botanical, Common name or Properties for around 1200 herbs.

In Dec., the company is launching two new CD's in new fields for the 1st time in India. This will be very helpful to the Manufacturers & Marketers.

      Plus Creations makes the same caring effort to satisfy all the needs whether it is a new upstart company or a major manufacturer. At Plus Creations, customers are more than just customers, they are business partners "If you do well with your products, then we will also do well".

    Plus Creations has made a concentrated effort to expand its services in order to keep costs as low as possible. Flexibility has been the key to our success & right from the beginning our Company reputation was built into our name. Founded in 1992 & incorporated in 1997, Plus Creations has withstood the test of time to become one of the most trusted names in the industry. Bringing a new product in the market quickly makes a difference in a product's success. Our entire company pull together at all levels to meet each customer's need while maintaining our high standards. Having specialised in-house services is one unique way that Plus Creations keeps close watch over both Quality & Delivery deadlines.

    Don't get astonished, we don't stop here. As our name Plus Creations says we always try to plus our creations in any 4P's form, We have complete & clear reasons to service the Pharmaceuticals.

- Our concepts are clear & proven
- People here are determined & labourious
- We are perceptive to newer ideas
- Prevents obsolescence
- Allows sunshine of humour at every stage of creation
- No excuses, No Short cuts
- Time Devoted
- Quality conscious
- Flexible with budgets
- Accepts change & reforms

For any further help please meet Seema & Arvind Manchanda

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