• Product Description
    • Healthy: Baking Parchment Paper is Organic, Vegan, Food Grade, BPA Free, Food Contact Safe, Breathable Paper This means the food stays alive and fresh, instead of getting stale and soggy. Using only the finest virgin pulps, this paper is made without any harmful waxes, bleaches, and unnatural chemicals that might tamper with the food. Vegetable-based ink that is food safe.

    • Microwave & Oven Safe: Food wrapped in this specialized Baking Parchment Paper can be used in microwaves and ovens for reheating and cooking even up to the temperature of 220 degrees Celsius. Perfect for serving, storing, and cooking food Non - stick & Grease Proof: Excellent Oil and Water Resistant Properties. Retains Moisture, Keeps Food Fresh. Grease-locking paper and Oilproof which keeps dishes and hands clean.

    • Multipurpose : Reheat pizza, bake fish, and French fries in the oven. Use Baking Parchment Paper for lining cookie sheets, cake pans, baking pans, lasagne dishes, etc. Wrap cooked foods before reheating to keep them from drying out or wrapping paneer, meat patty, cutlets, etc. Wrap before keeping in the fridge to maintain Prepare, bake, cook with min oil and ghee. Bake cakes, cookies, sandwiches, burgers, Bread, Dhoklas, other fast food, sweets, mixtures, vegetable, paratha, Biryani, Paneer Use air fryers to make Tikki, bacon, meat, etc. Store and divide leftovers like chicken breasts, pizza slices, pancakes, etc. for non-stick food storage. Our paper makes it perfect for artfully wrapping the baked goods – and it looks chic and rustic. Withstand in

    • Freezer: Baking Parchment Paper is perfect for food to be wrapped and stored appropriately for refrigeration or even deep freezing. This specialized paper can withstand both cooking hot & freezing cold.

    • Food Safe Certified : Organic Pyramid Baking Parchment Paper is Developed & Validated by Food Technologists of NIFTEM - (MoFPI) Printed with Vegetable-based inks to keep its food in contact safe. ISO 22000

    • CERTIFIED: Food Safety Management ISO 14000 CERTIFIED: Environmental Management ISO 9000 CERTIFIED: Quality Management FSC Certified Made in India Sustainable & Organic : Finest Virgin Food Grade Baking Parchment Paper made up of Organic Cellulose & Food Grade Coating. Biodegradable, Reusable & Recyclable Note: The product is made of paper which includes naturally occurring cellulose fiber in wood as certified by Intertek in the year 2018.

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