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Mr. Arvind  Manchanda  & Ms Seema Manchanda  from 1992 has risen from a small rented room to two units each of 25000sqft. & combinedly with the team had operated with on a simple formula:Consider the products of your customer as a high quality product & serve it equally with eminent  enthusiasm & with eco-friendly practices & by making it sure that it's all delivered to them exactly on time…...The peerless  printing quality products.

Plus Creations Pvt. Ltd., A  non-stop Preferred Printing & Consultancy Company is devoted  with Passion for Innovation through Continuous Solutions for all your Packaging & Promotional portfolio that includes.






 Prescription pads

 Table tops

 Product cards







 Carry Bags


 Visiting Cards

 Calendars (Table or Wall)


PACKAGING:- Cartons( Mono or Big or Small), Shippers, Catch-covers Inserts, Labels &  Stickers (roll or sheet), PVC, Alu- Alu, Foil, Aluminum Foil-Blister (025) or Strip (POLY 04), Corrugation Cartons(eflute & narrow)

Lamitube - Manufacturing of ABL & PBL lamitube from 5gm to 500gm.

Note:- Over the years Plus creations had maintained this reputation by sustaining excellence in Printing & Innovation

A complete renovation of its prepress and the costs associated with all new equipment and chemistry kept the environmental momentum charged. Further actions, such as changing to vegetable based inks, extending recycling and disposal applications, and the addition of a digital press have proven excellent decisions for the earth, and have distinguished Plus Creations Printing Co. as an award winner for its customers now and in the years ahead.

Innovation our passion

MISSION:- Plus Creations, seeks to exceed client expectations in the quality of each printing project. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the quality of the finished product. To inspire customer loyalty, we build relationships, anticipate and deter problems, honor deadlines and serve as an integral part of our customer’s team.

What's more, 

CAPACITY:- Our scale of operations put us in the top tier of this specialist area in India with all our ongoing updated technology & computerized system certifications ISO 2008, ISO 14001, NSIC, factory license. membership of FICCI & RIEMA & printers association Delhi & lean management accredited security procedures.

As a printing co we are unique in offering the most comprehensive range of printed products in domestic & international market, distinctly made from substrate PAPER, DUPLEX, ALU ALU, FOIL, PVC, KRAFT PAPER.

to serve we are

FLEXIBLE & DIFFERENT (Areas of expertise):-  To be the only service provider we offer a genuine ONE-STOP-SHOP for all elements of transactional and direct response marketing. Our resources surpass standard service models and draw on a wealth of experience in all areas of print, packaging and promotiomals.

The huge scope of our diverse offering, gives our customers the potential to order any printed product imaginable with the full confidence that each and every part can be produced from a single source, with a single source contact, from the one & only one privately owned Plus Creations Pvt Ltd.

Most Importantly ,We begins delivering for you from the moment we receive your electronic file or Input and we don't stop until your printed pieces arrive at the final destination. Our customer service department keeps you aware of your job's progress so there are no surprises.

Our greatest Strength Support our command  : M.Pharma’s, Top Designers, Executives , Expert Machine Men, workers who at every level of the company are dedicated to integrity & diligence in all aspects of customer services. They along with the state-of-the art equipments give your brand a market to communicate . This is done with Pre flight checklist, attention & optimal security so as to differentiate it from common & also to make the delivery looks just as you envisioned it.

We are committed with:- Total solution approach + High quality pre-press + Innovative concepts + Highly reliable printing + after printing effect systems + the most intricate & a complete Data Handling & effective inventory management system Combined with our complete range of…

Flexo, & Offset Machines from 4 color to 2color to single color (4nos), Roto gravure, Slitting, Corrugation machine (eflute & narrow cylinder)

Sheeter  (auto & manual), Corrugation Sheet Pasting Machine (50” & 46”), Rotary, Slotter, Stitching Machine, Cutting Machine (Fully automatic & semi automatic)2 nos, Window patching, Lamination (Thermal, Gloss, PVC, Matt, Metalised), Knurling Machine, Leaf Printing Machine, Foil stamping Machine, Embossing Machine, UV Printig  & curing Machine ( Auto & Manual) Spot, Full, Abrasive, Aqueous varnish

Automatic Lamination Roll Cutting, Index cutting Machine, Stitching Machine, Die cutting (auto & manual) 5 nos, In line gluing, (auto & manual), Strapping Machine (auto) 2 nos, Weighing Machine ( Digital ) 4 nos

OUR CLIENTS:- Our Clients have high expectations and challenging deadlines. & we accept it as a challenge with passion. Our clients represent a variety of companies from large corporations to small marketing firms, schools and universities, hospitals, and even sole proprietors.

Note:- All our clients share the need for excellence and attention to detail in production and delivery of their product. 

We have been famed with Accolades 

AWARD & RECOGNITION:- We were  Awarded The Best Innovator  at 51st IPC, Indore. & others followed …..

Our unique selling proposition is that we provide services across the board and encompass all facets of the print industry, and treat each and every client, contract and order with the same level of information and intellectual. These services are for customer satisfaction & working for more than twenty five years,have leveraged us the honor to gain a competitive advantage.& become a universally recognized symbol for excellence in the printing industry.

Our capacity flexibility and differentiation in our service offering is core to our success.


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